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GrowthGenie is a sales training consultancy based out of London, UK. They were in need of a simple, to-the-point website to display their training offers, case studies, and previous clients.

The goal was to speak the language of the SaaS industry as that is who GrowthGenie was primarily targeting with their training. Visual motifs were borrowed from this tech world so that visitors would associate GrowthGenie with their industry upon first impression.

This project was co-lead with designer Lindsey Ward.

WordPress web design

Brand application

Image editing

As a sales training consultant, GrowthGenie could take advantage of a minimalistic website design featuring lots of photos of people to establish a human connection upon first impression.

All hero images portraits were cutout and created solely for web use. This allowed us to make their customers the center of attention to better resonate with current visitors.

A case study section was created and each individual case study was designed to ensure the important metrics and statistics were the first things seen upon page visit.

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