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Proposify is a Canadian-based SaaS startup specializing in technology which allows users to automate their sales proposal process.

Working in-house, we created State of Proposals—an annual report on sales proposals to help generate leads. This report totals 45 pages of typeset statistics and custom infographics based on Proposify user data.


Lead magnet design

Infographic design

Craft CRM web design


Most popular Proposify lead magnet with 5,500+ downloads.

The cover was designed to easily spread across many industries.

The waves and lines used symbolize data charts and graphs while also allowing the bold display of Proposify brand colours.

A combined total of over 60 graphs and infographics were designed to bring this report to life.

Each section is entirely designed to a different colour scheme for organization and to enforce brand awareness.

A landing page was also designed for visitors to find via the Proposify marketing website, through the app itself, or directly via a sales rep.

An ad campaign was also designed including Instagram feed and stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as a CTA for use on internal blog posts. Not shown: email design and various carousel slides.

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