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Tevon Tynes & The Superstatics are an uplifting, funk-inspired rock band in Halifax, Canada. Having worked with Tevon with previous bands, he reached out when in need of several gig posters and eventually a logo design.

The goal with Tevon Tynes posters is always to portray excitement and professionalism through balanced design, colour selection, and unique design.

Their logo was something that would sit comfortably next to the classic Beatles or Nirvana wordmarks. With this in mind, it also would have to work equally well on a gig poster or a t-shirt.



Colour theory

Bold simplicity was important for both longevity and legibility as this mark would often be used on gig posters hastily posted on telephone poles or venue bulletins.

The idea of using colour variants allowed Tevon to share this poster on social more without losing interest but also made it look more interesting posted side-by-side in bulk rather than a standalone, unnoticeable poster.

The request for this poster was to visually capture the holidays without any over-the-top cues. Tevon was looking for something subtle, classy, and cozy while also reading as a fun event.

This poster was challenging as it was a reunion of old band members. Each of the members' names were meant to be displayed rather than unified under a single band name.

By using abstract illustrations, an area of negative space could be created to fit each name while remaining balanced.

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